Innovative lighting technology for maximum safety: ŠKODA utilises LED headlights

Innovative lighting technology for maximum safety: ŠKODA utilises LED headlights

› Interactive LED headlights and tail lights make driving in the darker months safer and more


› Full LED matrix headlights for the flagship SUPERB and the new OCTAVIA

› ŠKODA also offers high-performance LED headlight systems for the compact models SCALA


Mladá Boleslav, 3. December 2019 – The darker months present motorists with additional

challenges. Thanks to LED technology, ŠKODA drivers can drive safely even in poor light and

weather conditions in the autumn and winter. Following the flagship SUPERB, the fourth

generation of ŠKODA’s bestseller, the OCTAVIA, is now available with full-LED matrix

headlights, in addition to standard LED headlights. Among other things, these allow always

driving with the high beam on. The compact models SCALA and KAMIQ, as well as the KAROQ,

also offer LED lights and optional full LED headlights with adaptive functions. In addition to the

very high light yield of the LED headlights, the bright and instantaneous LED tail lights and

brake lights also ensure significantly higher safety.

In the ŠKODA SUPERB and the new OCTAVIA with optional full LED matrix headlights, modern LED

lighting systems ensure much safer driving in the dark autumn and winter months. The LED

technology ensures extremely bright and homogeneous road illumination in both models. Individually

controllable LEDs in the modules – for example, the new OCTAVIA has 12 LEDs in each module –

generate a beam of light for the dipped and main beam from several segments. A camera on the

windscreen detects vehicles as well as reflective objects and persons that are automatically shaded by

the intelligent light technology. For this purpose, the control unit immediately and automatically

switches off individual segments of the light cone, making it possible to always drive with high beam

activated, without dazzling other road users.

Adaptive light modes for various driving situations

In addition, the LED matrix technology switches between various lighting modes for different driving

situations and weather conditions. For example, the intelligent system recognises whether the vehicle

is in the city, on a country lane or on a motorway using the GPS data from the navigation system and

the speed of travel, and automatically adjusts the side illumination of the lane or the active cornering

light. In rain and bad weather, the turning and cornering lights illuminate the area directly in front of

the car more intensely. The optional full LED headlights also offer Adaptive Functions (AFS) in the

SUV models KODIAQ, KAROQ and KAMIQ as well as the SCALA and FABIA.

Increased brightness and efficiency thanks to LED technology

In addition to opening up new opportunities for designers to work with glass, crystalline elements

and new, compact shapes, the modern LED headlights offer more brightness and higher efficiency

than halogen headlights. The low beam of the revised FABIA’s full LED headlights, for example,

now provides 66% more light than the previous top version. Also, LEDs last much longer than halogen

lights and consume less energy. LED modules are also used for the fog lights

LED tail lights respond instantly

In addition to the headlights, ŠKODA also utilises LED technology for the rear lights. Above all,

the fast, instantaneous illumination and the brightness of the brake lights actively increase safety,

as drivers in vehicles behind can detect the braking process better and faster. The dynamic indicators,

which light up when operated from the inside out and are available as options for the SUPERB,

OCTAVIA, SCALA and KAMIQ – here also at the front – increase not only the overall dynamic

of the vehicle but also visibility for other road users.

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