Live on site and virtual: World premiere of the new ŠKODA ENYAQ iV on 1 September 2020 will be a two-in-one event

› Global: ŠKODA presents new online format for virtual live premiere

› Innovative: 360-degree cameras make viewers feel they’re physically in the venue

› Plus: live studio interviews, videos in the ŠKODA Cinema, virtual tour through 125 years of company history

› Experience it live: digital admission to the ENYAQ iV world premiere on Tuesday, 1 September 2020 from 6:40 pm at, via the social media channels or the ŠKODA Storyboard

Mladá Boleslav, 24 August 2020 – The world premiere of the new ŠKODA ENYAQ iV at 7:00 pm on 1 September will be a two-in-one event. The presentation of the brand’s first battery-electric SUV in Prague will, for the first time, be flanked by a new virtual online event format for all ŠKODA fans, allowing them to participate live, without access restrictions. Individually controllable 360-degree cameras will convey a sense of physically being in the venue. Before and after the livestream of the model presentation, users will be able to move freely through a virtual ŠKODA pavilion. A digital showroom will allow them to view first the ŠKODA VISION iV concept car and then the ŠKODA ENYAQ iV, from any desired perspective. In addition to interview sessions in the live studio, the ŠKODA Cinema will offer a wealth of videos covering all aspects of the company. In the digital showroom, users will be able to view selected models from 125 years of company history, displayed on a turntable. And ŠKODA will also offer insights into its longstanding support of the Tour de France.

The ENYAQ iV marks a major step in the implementation of ŠKODA’s electric mobility strategy. So it’s only fitting that the company is also breaking new ground in the way it presents new vehicles to the public. The world premiere of the ŠKODA ENYAQ iV is the first event of its kind to take place simultaneously as a classic live show in Prague and as an innovative online presentation. In this way ŠKODA fans all over the world will be able to share in the live experience and witness the unveiling of the Czech carmaker’s first production model based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB modular electric car platform. As the virtual model presentation will be filmed with 360-degree cameras, viewers will feel as though they are actually sitting in the room.

Virtual pavilion with different ŠKODA worlds

Before and after the world premiere of the ŠKODA ENYAQ iV, all online visitors will be free to explore the virtual ŠKODA pavilion. Its digital showroom will initially feature the VISION iV concept car, which previewed many elements of the new, purely battery-electric SUV. After the live presentation, the showroom will feature the ENYAQ iV. The 360-degree view will enable users to look at both vehicles from all sides. Comprehensive background material on the two models will be available for download as well. The live studio programme includes interviews with experts. Users clicking into the interview studio will be able to use a 360-degree camera to enjoy an overview of the entire studio space. This is where, in the 20 minutes before and after the unveiling of the ENYAQ iV, presenters will discuss a wide range of interesting ŠKODA topics. Moreover, viewers will be able to send in their own questions in real time, via the company’s social media channels. In the ŠKODA Cinema, users will be able to view selected models from 125 years of company history, displayed on a turntable in a digital showroom.

Showcased on a gallery level will be the ŠKODA 1000 MB, ŠKODA 640 SUPERB, ŠKODA 1101 “Tudor”, ŠKODA L&K S, ŠKODA RAPID Six and the ŠKODA POPULAR MONTE CARLO. Users will be able to view the vehicles from any desired angle, as they would in a showroom. On the opposite side, visitors will find exclusive contents on the Tour de France, which ŠKODA has been supporting as a partner for 17 years.

Digital admission at 6:40 pm, twenty minutes before the live presentation

Just like the guests at the vehicle presentation in Prague, people attending the virtual event will be able to decide for themselves what interests them most and in which order they would like to view the different areas. The only exception is the livestream, which will begin at 7:00 pm, with users reminded of its start one minute ahead of time. The virtual pavilion will open to visitors twenty minutes before the presentation and will remain available to view for another two hours after the event.

Participating in the virtual premiere of the ŠKODA ENYAQ iV is quick and easy. Interested users will need to go to or use ŠKODA’s social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) or the ŠKODA Storyboard ( to arrive at the landing page for the virtual presentation. After a brief compatibility check of the device’s operating system and a version check of the Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser software, they will gain unlimited access free of charge.

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