New connectivity offering launched with the ŠKODA KODIAQ

›ŠKODA is launching its new connectivity offering at the same time as the ŠKODA KODIAQ

›Infotainment Online for information and navigation, Care Connect for assistance and Remote Vehicle Access

›All services are included with the ŠKODA KODIAQ for one year as standard

Mladá Boleslav, 9 November 2016 – Alongside the launch of the ŠKODA KODIAQ, the brand is also presenting its new connectivity offering – mobile online services – under the label ŠKODA Connect. These are divided into two categories. The Infotainment Online services provide information and aid navigation, while the Care Connect services provide assistance as well as remote access to the car.


“From now on, ŠKODA KODIAQ drivers are fully connected – to their car and, if desired, to the world of ŠKODA,” explained Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “With ŠKODA Connect we are making a digital world accessible to our customers that will make their driving experience even more comfortable and safe.”


Infotainment Online services
The Infotainment Online services are available in every ŠKODA KODIAQ that is equipped with the Amundsen or Columbus navigation systems. One standout feature here is the online traffic information: this displays the current traffic flow on the selected route and suggests sensible alternative routes in the event of a traffic jam. With Google EarthTM and Google StreetViewTM, navigation using the Columbus navigation system becomes a visual experience. Additionally, the services provide customised information for drivers of the brand’s new large SUV in the form of fuel prices, parking information, news and weather.


Care Connect services

Besides the Infotainment Online services, the Care Connect services, which can be divided into Proactive Services and Remote Vehicle Access, will also be available from now on. These come as standard for every ŠKODA KODIAQ from the Ambition trim level upwards – irrespective of the choice of infotainment system. The data is exchanged via the car’s own integrated SIM card.


The Emergency Call function is particularly important here. This is automatically activated after an accident in which a restraint system, such as an airbag, has been deployed. The vehicle establishes a voice and data connection to a dedicated emergency call centre and transfers all of the necessary information. An employee at the emergency call centre initiates the most appropriate support measures and, where necessary, sends an emergency vehicle to the site of the accident. The driver or passengers can also trigger the Emergency Call manually via a button in the roof module. Service Scheduling is also included in the Proactive Services. Here the owner is contacted by the dealer before the vehicle’s service is due in order to arrange a convenient and timely appointment.


Part of the Care Connect portfolio: Remote Vehicle Access
The ŠKODA Care Connect services also include the services for Remote Vehicle Access, which can be accessed via the ŠKODA Connect app, i.e. via the user’s smartphone. Here the Vehicle Status service remotely informs the user about the status of the lights and fuel tank of the ŠKODA KODIAQ as well as whether the doors are open or closed. The Parking position function shows where the vehicle is parked. The Honk & Flash function makes it easier to find the car by activating the horn and indicator, as the name suggests.


The ŠKODA Connect app is complemented by the ŠKODA Connect portal, which brings the ŠKODA Connect services to the customer’s home computer. The portal can be used to configure services as well as transfer destinations and routes to the car. The ŠKODA dealer will help with registration and activation in the portal.


Use free of charge in the first year: the pricing structure
The Care Connect services from ŠKODA Connect can be accessed free of charge for the first year following the purchase of a new ŠKODA KODIAQ. Subsequently the services of Remote Vehicle Access are subject to a charge, while all other Care Connect services (Proactive Services and Emergency Call) can be used free of charge for a further 13 years.


The offer for the Infotainment Online portfolio has a similar arrangement. Use is free of charge for the first year and the customer can extend this for a fee thereafter. With the Amundsen navigation system, the services operate through the user’s connected mobile phone or via a data dongle that is available as an optional extra. With the Columbus system, the mobile phone’s hotspot can also be used or, as an option, a SIM card can be integrated into the ŠKODA KODIAQ via the LTE module.



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