Safe and comfortable skiing holidays with ŠKODA

› Ample space for passengers and gear in ŠKODA models like the KODIAQ, SUPERB and


› Standard or optional all-wheel drive ensures safe driving in the snow

› Ski racks, roof boxes and rubber mats available in the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories range

Mladá Boleslav, 21 January 2020 – Spacious, versatile and ideally equipped for winter road

conditions: ŠKODA vehicles, such as the KODIAQ SUV and the COMBI versions of the

SUPERB and OCTAVIA, are perfect companions on a skiing holiday. They offer ample space

for skis, snowboards and all holiday luggage as well as smart features for drivers and

passengers including heated windscreens, steering wheels, front and rear seats. Thanks to

optional or, depending on the model, standard all-wheel drive, exploring snow-covered ski

areas in the mountains is also not a problem provided you follow a few pointers before

starting your journey.

Before safely setting off on your long-awaited skiing holiday, you should first make your ŠKODA fit

for winter, which means, among other things, switching to winter tyres with sufficient tread, topping

up the anti-freeze in the radiator and windscreen washer fluid and having the battery checked – in

short, the standard winter programme recommended for every driver as the cold season

approaches. A comprehensive winter health check as well as a battery test can be performed by

any ŠKODA dealer.

Proper loading is also important: skis or snowboards and thick winter clothing for the whole family

take up a lot of space in the car. The ŠKODA KODIAQ, SUPERB COMBI and OCTAVIA COMBI

are ideally equipped for this. They all offer the largest boot capacity in their class and, on request,

special ski bags for loading through the middle of the rear seats to stow the ‘slats’ cleanly and

safely. If all three seats in the back are occupied, skis and snowboards can be stored on special ski

and snowboard racks, which are available as ŠKODA Genuine Accessories. All of these

accessories have been specifically designed and tested for ŠKODA vehicles, making them a

perfect fit.

Roof boxes are even more convenient and offer up to 380 litres of additional storage space. They

can hold a large part of your holiday luggage, making it possible to avoid folding down the rear seat

and giving passengers more space and increased comfort. The roof boxes are lockable,

aerodynamically optimised and available in black, silver and white.

Roof boxes have yet another advantage: after a long day on the slopes, you can store at least

some of the clothes that have become sweaty or damp during the day. In the vehicle interior, these

could steam up the windows, which may affect visibility. The best remedy for condensation on

windows is the air conditioning system because when the air conditioning is activated – regardless

of its temperature – the air flowing out of the vents is dry. This means it can absorb the condensed

water responsible for steaming up the windows. It is most effective if the dry air is blown directly

onto the windscreen at maximum fan speed. Heated front and rear seats and a heated steering

wheel offer drivers and passengers increased comfort; a heated windscreen and heated windshield

washer nozzles ensure a clear front view at all times. Custom-designed rubber floor mats and the

protective luggage-compartment mat from ŠKODA’s range of Genuine Accessories keep the floor

of your car clean and effectively prevent wet carpets due to melting snow from winter boots.

The ŠKODA KODIAQ, SUPERB and OCTAVIA not only offer generously proportioned and

extremely versatile interiors with enough room for passengers and equipment but are also available

with all-wheel drive as standard or as an option depending on the engine, trim level or variant. This

enables them to handle the abundant snow around the ski resort safely. For additional support in

extreme winter weather, snow chains are available from ŠKODA Genuine Accessories, along with

alloy wheels approved for use with snow chains. Putting snow chains on is something drivers

should practise at home before setting off on their holiday. A short test run of about 50 metres will

show whether the chains are properly fitted and not too loose. If everything is in order, you’ll be able

to tackle even deep snow.

More tips for a safe skiing holiday you can find on the ŠKODA Storyboard.

Catherine Van Geel

PR Manager, D'Ieteren NV

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