ŠKODA AUTO increased deliveries by 11.7% in first quarter

› Best first quarter in company history: 316,700 deliveries (+11.7%)

› Record-breaking month: best single month globally with 120,200 deliveries in March (+10.7%)

› SUV models KODIAQ and KAROQ were the biggest growth drivers alongside bestseller ŠKODA OCTAVIA

› ŠKODA KAROQ was launched in China in March

› ŠKODA AUTO presented several world premieres in Geneva

Mladá Boleslav, 12 April 2018 – ŠKODA AUTO has made a successful start to 2018. The

Czech carmaker achieved the best month in its history in March, at the same time closing its

most successful first quarter to date. The company recorded 120,200 deliveries last month,

exceeding the previous year’s strong result by 10.7% (March 2017: 108,500 vehicles). In the

first quarter of 2018 – between January and March – ŠKODA AUTO delivered a total of

316,700 vehicles to customers worldwide, an increase of 11.7% over the previous year

(January to March 2017: 283,500 vehicles). The extremely positive development in the core

markets of China, Russia, Europe and India also contributed to the record sales, as did the

significant gains of the ŠKODA OCTAVIA and KODIAQ model series. The ŠKODA KAROQ is

also a pillar of the company’s continued success, with 17,100 units sold in the first three

months of 2018 alone.

“ŠKODA’s success last year continues seamlessly into a strong first quarter of 2018. Achieving the

best first quarter and delivering 120,200 vehicles in one month for the first time forms an excellent

basis for the brand’s further development,” says Alain Favey, ŠKODA AUTO Board Member for

Sales and Marketing.

ŠKODA AUTO presented at the International Motor Show in Geneva in March several world

premieres. The traditional Czech company unveiled the urban crossover hybrid study ŠKODA

VISION X, which provides an outlook on the brand’s future models, at the international motor show

in Geneva. The ŠKODA KODIAQ Laurin & Klement also entered the spotlight as the new top model

in the successful SUV series. In addition, the extensively revised ŠKODA FABIA was presented to

the public for the first time.

In Western Europe, ŠKODA AUTO delivered 53,400 vehicles in March, remaining at the previous

year’s level (March 2017: 53,600 vehicles). In the first quarter of the year, the brand increased its

deliveries by 6.3% to 130,300 vehicles (January to March 2017: 122,600). With 17,100 deliveries,

Germany remained the second largest single market in March (March 2017: 17,100 vehicles).

In the first quarter, ŠKODA AUTO recorded growth of 9.4% in Germany, delivering 44,600 vehicles

to customers (first quarter of 2017: 40,800 vehicles). The manufacturer posted double-digit growth

rates between January and March in Italy (7,700 vehicles, +14.9%), France (7,500 vehicles,

+20.5%), Austria (6,900 vehicles, +12.5%), the Netherlands (4,500 vehicles +27.5%), Sweden

(4,500, +11.7%) and Greece (1,000 vehicles, +66.4%).

In Central Europe, ŠKODA AUTO’s deliveries increased by 4.5% to 19,800 in March (March 2017:

18,900 vehicles). The car manufacturer's quarterly figures exceed the previous year's figure by

7.5%, increasing to 56,900 vehicles (first quarter of 2017: 52,900 vehicles). ŠKODA AUTO

delivered 8,500 vehicles to customers in its home market of the Czech Republic in March (March

2017: 8,800 cars). Overall, the carmaker achieved an increase of 3.2% on the Czech market in the

first three months, increasing deliveries to 25,400 vehicles compared to the previous year (first

quarter of 2017: 24,600 cars). Also in Poland (18,900 vehicles, +7.7%), Slovakia (5,500 vehicles,

+9.5%), Hungary (3,600 vehicles, +21.2%), Slovenia (2,000 vehicles, +9.0%) and Croatia

(1,500 vehicles, up 58.8%), deliveries to customers increased in the first quarter of this year.

In Eastern Europe excluding Russia, the Czech carmaker also grew significantly in March.

Deliveries were up 19.5% to 3,900 vehicles (March 2017: 3,300 vehicles). With 9,800 deliveries,

ŠKODA AUTO recorded an increase of 15.4% in the first quarter compared to the previous year

(January to March 2017: 8,500 vehicles). The company grew by double-digit figures in Romania

(2,700 vehicles, +25.8%), Baltic States (2,000 vehicles, +15.0%), Serbia (1,500 vehicles, +11.2%)

and Bulgaria (900 vehicles, +33.4%).

The brand also recorded positive developments in Russia, with deliveries increasing by 33.6% to

6,500 vehicles (March 2017: 4,900 vehicles). During the first three months of the year, deliveries

increased by 33.1% to 16,900 vehicles (first quarter of 2017: 12,700 vehicles).

In China, the world's most important market, ŠKODA AUTO’s deliveries increased by 29.0% to

28,100 vehicles in March (March 2017: 21,800 vehicles). In the first quarter, deliveries in the region

were up 18.6% on the previous year, increasing to 79,200 vehicles (January to March 2017: 66,800

vehicles). The Czech automobile manufacturer expects further growth impetus from the compact

SUV ŠKODA KAROQ, which was launched in the Chinese market at the end of March.

In Turkey, the car manufacturer recorded a substantial increase of 118.0% in March compared to

the same month last year, with deliveries increasing to 2900 vehicles (March 2017: 1,300 vehicles).

In the first quarter, deliveries increased by 73.6% to a total of 6,600 vehicles (first quarter

of 2017: 3,800 vehicles).

In Israel deliveries to ŠKODA AUTO customers rose by 1.8% to 1,900 vehicles in March, remaining

on the level of the same month last year (March 2017: 1,900 vehicles). Deliveries in Israel fell by

10.4% to 6,700 vehicles in the first quarter (first quarter of 2017: 7,500 vehicles).

In India, the company delivered 1,500 vehicles in March (March 2017: 1,600, -4.6%). With a total of

4,200 deliveries, the company recorded an increase of 7.3% in the first quarter compared to the

same period last year (first quarter of 2017: 3,900 vehicles).

ŠKODA AUTO deliveries in the first quarter of 2018 (in units, rounded off, listed by model;

+/- in percent compared to the same period in 2017):

ŠKODA OCTAVIA (105,700; +2.6%)

ŠKODA FABIA (54,600; 0.0%)

ŠKODA RAPID (49,000; -5.3%)

ŠKODA KODIAQ (38,100; >+500%)

ŠKODA SUPERB (37,500; -1.9%)

ŠKODA KAROQ (17,100; -)

ŠKODA YETI (4,900; -77.2%)

ŠKODA CITIGO (only sold in Europe: 9,700; +1.0%)

ŠKODA AUTO deliveries in March 2018 (in units, rounded off, listed by model; +/- in percent

compared to March 2017):

ŠKODA OCTAVIA (38,200; +3.3%)

ŠKODA FABIA (21,300; -3.6%)

ŠKODA RAPID (18,100; -4.8%)

ŠKODA KODIAQ (14,300; +380.5%)

ŠKODA SUPERB (13,900; +0.4%)

ŠKODA KAROQ (8,600; -)

ŠKODA YETI (1,600; -82.1%)

ŠKODA CITIGO (only sold in Europe: 4,200; -13.2%)


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