ŠKODA AUTO opens new InnoCube innovation area

ŠKODA AUTO opens new InnoCube innovation area

› ŠKODA AUTO InnoCube provides space for research, presentations and discussions

› ŠKODA AUTO University students develop their own business ideas in the Incubator start-up


› The innovation area plays a key role in preparing and training staff for digital transformation

Mladá Boleslav, 11 September 2018 – With the motto ‘Ready for the Future’, ŠKODA has

inaugurated its new InnoCube innovation area, which is located in a former abbey building near

Mladá Boleslav. Guests at the event were able to experience augmented reality first-hand as well

as try out innovative gadgets such as drones and hoverboards. The new InnoCube is a place for

research, new ideas and presentations about innovations as well as aspects of digital

transformation. With the opening of the InnoCube innovation area, the Na Karmeli training centre

is now in its second decade.

As part of the opening, ŠKODA AUTO is staging a special exhibition: guests have the opportunity to

familiarise themselves with augmented reality, video mapping and 3D printing. In addition, they can see

how the laws of gravity can seemingly be defied by what are known as Levitrons: these allow smaller

items to levitate using repelling magnetic fields. Hoverboards and drones offer a look ahead at the mobility

of tomorrow. A transparent cube is one of the highlights of the new innovation area. This is fitted with a

microchip, which stores personal messages from ŠKODA AUTO board members. They comment on key

topics for the future and give their view on how training, individual mobility and cars will change in the

years to come.

Bohdan Wojnar, ŠKODA AUTO Board Member for Human Resources, pointed out, “With the new

InnoCube, we’re offering our employees new opportunities to prepare themselves for the challenges that

lie ahead with regards to mastering digitalisation. Our employees now have the opportunity to undergo

further training in the form of lectures, workshops and events, to take inspiration and – thanks to their

newly acquired knowledge and skills – add to their qualifications.”

Andre Wehner, Chief Digital Officer at ŠKODA AUTO and the person responsible for corporate

development and digitalisation, added, “The entire automotive industry needs to embrace profound social

and economic changes. And we are prepared for that. We are consistently aligning our company and our

portfolio of digital services to the changing requirements of our customers. With the new InnoCube, we are

taking the next step towards successfully managing this change. Here, we are training our junior staff

according to the latest standards as well as formulating and addressing questions with regards to

innovative topics for the future.”

The InnoCube has been set up to prepare employees for the demands of the digital transformation and to

press ahead with the digitalisation of the company as part of its 2025 Strategy. The new area, which is

open to all of the departments at ŠKODA AUTO, is divided into four different areas. Alongside dedicated

research facilities, the innovation area also offers a foyer and an auditorium for events and discussions.

Furthermore, ŠKODA will be hosting workshops, hackathons and other events at the InnoCube. Selected

events will be incorporated into the ŠKODA AUTO Vocational School’s training programme.

What’s more: ŠKODA AUTO University students taking part in the Incubator start-up programme have

been given their own dedicated area at the InnoCube, where they can develop digital business models for


The Na Karmeli training centre is unique – it has combined historical and modern architecture since 2007.

Many events are held there, including concerts, theatre productions and exhibitions. It also provides a

space for training programmes and social gatherings. ŠKODA AUTO University, for example, is part of the


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