ŠKODA delivers 90,900 vehicles in February

ŠKODA delivers 90,900 vehicles in February

› Markets: Strong growth in Western Europe (+ 7.2%) and Eastern Europe (+ 13.1%) – doubledigit growth in Germany, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Portugal, the Baltic States and Serbia

› Models: OCTAVIA remains bestseller, demand for SUV models KAROQ and KODIAQ continues to rise

› Battery-electric concept study VISION iV and city SUV KAMIQ celebrate world premieres at Geneva Motor Show

Mladá Boleslav, 14 March 2019 – ŠKODA delivered 90,900 vehicles to customers around the world in February. Overall, deliveries are slightly down on the previous year (February 2018: 92,800 vehicles, -2.0%) due to the current decline in the Chinese market. In Western Europe, ŠKODA is up 7.2% year-on-year. ŠKODA recorded double-digit growth in Germany, Europe’s largest single market, as it did in France, Switzerland, Denmark and Portugal, the Baltic States and Serbia. The OCTAVIA remains the brand’s bestseller; demand for the SUV models continues to rise.

Alain Favey, ŠKODA AUTO Board Member for Sales and Marketing, explains: “The importance of our SUV models as growth drivers and the mainstay of our worldwide sales is steadily increasing. We have just presented our new city SUV, the ŠKODA KAMIQ, at the Geneva Motor Show. As our third SUV series, it rounds off the lower end of our offer. With this model, we are optimally prepared to continue generating new momentum in the SUV segment.”

In Western Europe, ŠKODA recorded 41,100 deliveries to customers in February. This corresponds to an increase of 7.2% compared to the same period last year (February 2018: 38,300 vehicles). In the strongest European single market of Germany, the Czech carmaker delivered 16,500 vehicles, achieving an increase of 11.5% (February 2018: 14,800 vehicles). ŠKODA also grew in double digits in Switzerland (2,000 vehicles, +36.4%), Denmark (1,500 vehicles, +48.0%), Portugal (200 vehicles, +28.9%) and France (2,600 vehicles, +14.4%).

In Central Europe, ŠKODA delivered 17,300 vehicles (February 2018: 18,400 vehicles, -6.1%). In ŠKODA’s home market, the Czech Republic, the brand recorded 7,100 deliveries in February (February 2018: 8,300 vehicles, -14.7%), with deliveries reflecting the current overall decline of the Czech car market. Among other regions, the brand achieved growth in Slovenia (700 vehicles, +30.0%), Hungary (1,200 vehicles, +3.5%) and Poland (6,200 vehicles, + 1.2%).

In Eastern Europe excluding Russia, ŠKODA increased its deliveries to customers to 3,500 vehicles, a rise of 13.1% compared to the same month last year (February 2018: 3,100 vehicles). The Czech car manufacturer has made significant gains in Serbia (600 vehicles, +31.5%) in particular. In Russia, ŠKODA confirmed last year’s success with 5,900 deliveries to customers (+0.6%, February 2018: 5,900 vehicles).

In February, ŠKODA delivered 16,000 vehicles to customers in its largest sales market, China, representing a year-on-year decrease of 18.4% (February 2018: 19,600 vehicles). The effects of the current declining market trend in China are also affecting ŠKODA.

In India, ŠKODA delivered 1,200 vehicles in January, a decrease of 10.3% compared to the same period last year (January 2018: 1,400 vehicles).

In Algeria, ŠKODA delivered 1,700 vehicles in February, increasing its deliveries to customers by 418.9% compared to the same period last year (February 2018: 300 vehicles).

ŠKODA AUTO deliveries in February 2019 (in units, rounded off, listed by model; +/- in per cent compared to February 2018):

ŠKODA OCTAVIA (26,400; -16.9 %)

ŠKODA FABIA (15,700; -4.4 %)

ŠKODA RAPID (13,000; -10.3 %)

ŠKODA KODIAQ (11,200; +9.9 %)

ŠKODA KAROQ (10,300; +71.5 %)

ŠKODA SUPERB (8,200; -27.5 %)

ŠKODA KAMIQ (Only sold in China: 3,000; –)

ŠKODA CITIGO (Only sold in Europe: 3,100; +21.1 %)

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